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The H8 LOG Ltda. , Is a company engaged in foreign trade , specializing in customs assistance , consulting and logistics.


Has qualified professionals with extensive experience in the international market.

Main characteristics..

Main goals , the overall quality and dedication to customer . With proper structure to handle the load of the importer / exporter safely , quickly and with the expected level of excellence.


We are prepared to meet large to small customers , always looking for efficiency and quality.


With a solid structure , which includes representatives in Ports and Airports in Brazil and abroad , giving the importer / exporter options to enable the best logistics.


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  • Tariff Classification
  • Document analysis and Cost Preparation
  • Import license
  • Customs Clearance Individuals and Corporations
  • Technical assistance
  • Advice on special projects
  • Collis Posteaux – Express Order



  • Tariff Classification
  • Preparation / Export registration Monitoring at SISCOMEX
  • International Transport



Special Arrangements


  • Delivery ( Customs Warehouse / Customer )
  • Distribution
  • National
  • International
  • Temporary Admission (Import )
  • Temporary Export / Re-export
  • Bonded Warehouse
  • Drawback
  • Cultural Events
  • Accompanied Baggage / Unattended
  • Passenger monitoring
  • Used Equipment
  • Ex - Tariff
  • Updates as the customs legislation
  • Accreditation with the IRS - RADAR
  • Logistics
  • Government in under Federal , State and Municipal.


Offer solutions in Foreign Trade with personalized service , competitive pricing, flexibility , agility and professionalism , aiming impressive results for customer satisfaction.



Search levels of knowledge and experience increasing in this segment.



Work with pride and pleasure to serve our customers



Promote results that meet , but mostly that exceed expectations of our customers, employees and suppliers

Participation and Cooperation

Cultivate an environment where prevail teamwork and respect the opinions , favoring professionalism and initiative




Comply with rules and standards to ensure the stability of processes and security for customers.



Cultivate loyalty


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Avenida Paulista, 2300

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Piso Pilotis - Bairro Consolação

CEP: 01310-300

São Paulo - SP - Brasil


+55 11 2847 4507

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